3 Best AI content creation tools | Lifetime Deal

Artificial intelligence means leverage for many content marketers. They can use it to do things they already do manually – content research, competitive analysis, content gap analysis, content optimization, etc. – in less time and with higher quality. The use of AI is a force multiplier throughout the content creation process, but the content writing … Read more

Cpp STL Algorithms Cheat Sheet


The C++ Standard Template Library (STL) provides the programmer with a set of useful algorithms and data structures. This cheat sheet has a brief rundown of the most popular STL algorithms and data structures such as sort(), find(), count(), remove(), and The C++ Standard Template Library provides algorithms for functions that are commonly needed in … Read more

3 Best Syntax Highlighter WordPress Plugins


Syntax highlighting is a markup language that highlights the text of source code snippets, or the output from a compiler, to show the relationships between different parts of statements in different colors. In order to highlight code snippets, we need to install one of the available syntax highlighter WordPress plugins. These plugins will highlight your … Read more