25 passive income ideas to generate income source online 2021


As a result of the unprecedented times of Covid-19, the primary source of income for most people has been devastated. Secondary sources of income are needed. People in India earn money online through these secondary sources based on their interests and expertise.

Online content creation

A platform that showcases the talent of writing enthusiasts is needed. As a result of the Covid-19 crisis, people who are passionate about writing have an opportunity to earn an online income in India while eating their favorite snacks. Create a blog post account, write a blog on a topic of their choice, and then place ads and banners on their posts to make money.

Online fabric designing

Design can be done anywhere with a designer’s mind. Teenagers, housewives, and fashion designers can use their skills to obtain an income online in India. They can do logo design or design on tops, bottoms, and shoes. Finding a textile company to work with would be your first step; creating a website to sell your products would be your second step.

Stock photography

When using online picture platforms such as Shutterstock and Getty, photographers can earn decent incomes. Using these images for educational or professional purposes is possible. You’ll be able to submit your pictures to these platforms and receive payment. Having a good camera and zeal for capturing the world can help photographers earn passive income.

Online payment apps for online earning

For everyday needs, people have been using online payment methods during the covid-19 crisis. Many online payment apps, such as Google Pay, Phonepe, and Paytm, offer cashback offers. Through apps like these, you can earn cashback on purchases up to a specific amount if you purchase goods through websites and stores. With these apps, you can pay various bills in India and earn cashback.

Make money with Online Teaching

During this pandemic, it is expected that online education will grow as students and professionals have a desire to up-skill and keep up with technology. You can sign up to tutor students online using sites like Chegg, Chegg Plus, and other institutions that match your educational experience and expertise. Using platforms like Chegg, you can easily work productively and earn a lot of money. This is one of the most genuine sources of online income in India.

Make money with Pinterest

Sharing images of everything from nature to fashion to food is possible through Pinterest. By using Pinterest, you can widen the audience for your crafts and products.

By selling affiliate products on Pinterest, you can reach out to interested parties and earn online income in India.

Making money by creating mobile apps

Our lives these days are centered around mobile apps; we are constantly searching through various mobile applications for various reasons. By creating a mobile application for the everyday needs of people, you can earn passive income by placing ads on the application. These apps allow you to earn money through PPC ads.

Stock music creation

Making your own stock music will allow you to make money from video creators who can use your tracks as transitions and backgrounds. Like stock photography, stock music is created and sold. During this pandemic, your tones can be purchased by presentation creators or YouTubers, allowing you to earn a lot of money from your house.

Asking and answering questions to make money

On the internet, millions of people ask questions daily, so you can use this to earn followers who upvote your answers by answering a few questions on different Q&A platforms like Quora. Then, through Quora, you can earn passive income sitting at home by answering valuable questions.

Making money with Reference programs

You can earn money merely by referring products and services online through referral programs. Reference programs, a small but crucial aspect of digital marketing, have become the talk of the town lately. Good referring agents are often influential and have greater reach. Become a member of a large network and take advantage of the referral program.

Real Estate

You could passively make a lot of money with real estate. Land with high yielding capability and appropriate prices are essential.

In order to make money, you have to buy it first and then sell it at a better price. Find good deals, and hefty passive income is yours.

Sell Affiliate products and earn money online

The most convenient way to make money from home is by sharing unique links to products through affiliate marketing. Affiliate programs such as Amazon or Flipkart make it simple to earn money by sharing unique links with your network.

You get sure-shot commissions when your contacts click on the links and purchase the products.

Make money from money by investing money through the app

Investing small amounts of money in stock markets may help you to make more money online. With apps such as the Groww app, you can invest small amounts of money and watch them rise and fall, generating revenue for mutual gain. You can make informed decisions from the comfort of your home by learning how to invest money.

Passive money through E-Book publishing

People now prefer e-books more for the convenience of studying anytime, anywhere, anyhow, so the benefits of writing your own ebook can also be realized. Using your expertise, you can create an e-book with content and knowledge relevant to the topic you choose.

You can publish your book online after you have written it by listing it on a popular website with millions of users. Eventually, readers will buy the book and you will get a good income from the book sales.

Create Podcasts and earn money

People tend to listen to podcasts on their phones while traveling or relaxing as they are looking for entertainment, education, and storytelling while traveling. As people listen to your podcasts, you can earn passive income through them when you upload them on social media platforms and place adverts in between them.

Providing rental services

In daily life, we discard many things, including bicycles, old books, furniture, phones, laptops, vehicles, etc. Particularly students or people who are staying out are looking for these items. Many websites and applications, such as Rentomojo and Furlenco, allow buyers and sellers to coordinate their needs.

Interest generation through Bank account

The primary need of every individual today is to have a bank account. Throughout the day, there are many monetary transactions that can be done by means of this mechanism. People of all ages collect money that can be deposited in a bank account and increased by a fixed rate of interest.

Instagram influencing and easy money

These days, everyone is on Instagram scrolling through their day-to-day activities and sharing them with friends. Celebrities, leaders, and average citizens all use Instagram to share. Your business can be set up on Instagram to reach the right audience. Trends and growth are mainly found in the fashion business.

By setting up an Instagram business account you can earn well from home simply by sitting at your computer.

Investment through Demat account

By using a Demat account, one can buy and sell stock and shares online. The stock market carries risk, so before investing, one must learn as much as possible about the market. One can, however, later on, earn passive income through the stock market with experience and knowledge.

Uploading videos on YouTube

One can upload and share videos on YouTube according to their own preferences since it is an online video-sharing platform. Education, entertainment, cooking recipes, general awareness, sports, & more. By monetizing your videos on YouTube with Google Adsense, promoting and advertising others’ products & services, you can earn passive income.

Small scale business in India

It isn’t necessary to invest money to start a business. A good plan will be able to execute itself. Various businesses such as baking cakes, making projects, doing art and craft, wrapping gifts, and so on can be done from home and earn passive income.

Through Government Schemes

To, by, and for the people, is what our government is. Various government schemes assist the poor, widows, girl children, etc. It is possible to gain monetary & non-monetary benefits by being aware of and applying for such schemes.

Earn money through social media

The Internet has changed everyone’s life. Everybody uses social media, whether they are urban or not.  By posting a link, you can sell your product or service, influence people, or retarget the audience. Having more and more verified followers is all you need.

Code to earn

The world has been changed by lines of code. Code underpins everything on the web, even the smallest applications. Use your coding skills to create small internet utilities and sell them to earn passive income.

Providing Online Services

A wide variety of services are available. Among many other services, you can provide email-writing, editing, graphic designing, online coaching, and assignment completion services online. One can earn passive income through some of these options during the Covid-19 crisis.


There are numerous sources of online income in India because everyone is online and somehow making money from the internet. The prevalent technological revolution has resulted in people communicating, entertaining, developing business ideas as well as studying online. You may start to use your creativity and figure out how to showcase your talents to the world while sitting at home during this Covid-19 pandemic, and make passive income with a small or no investment at all. You make or break the Internet by how you use it.

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