How to install aaPanel on Forever Free Oracle 24 GB ARM-based Ampere Instance


AaPanel is an open-source web hosting control panel to manage hosting services such as databases, websites, and more. It is similar to Webmin and CyberPanel. In this article we’ll learn how to install and configure aaPanel using a free Oracle 24GB ARM-based Ampere Instance A web-based graphical control panel, it is easily accessed from any … Read more

How to read Business Insider’s Prime articles for free

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Cron job scheduling with Crontab job


We need to configure automatically updating our system using Cronjob to ensure that our system is always up to date. In addition to missing out on important updates, manually updating could lead to your device being vulnerable to security risks and software bugs. Automating tasks at regular intervals by using cronjobs makes your life easier. … Read more

How to find a vulnerability in a WordPress site for free

WordPress platforms are the most used platform for website hosting. This is because WordPress is easy to use and has the largest plugin library.However, users should be wary of using a WordPress platform because it could have vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit.There are many things that you can look for in order to find vulnerabilities … Read more

Find the Best Instagram Names and Usernames

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