The Nice Command and How to Use It

The nice command changes the priority of a process. A process with a lower priority will get less CPU time than a process with a higher priority. The priority of a process can be a number between -20 and 19. A lower number means a higher priority. The default priority is 0. Here is an … Read more

Top 10 Gmail tips and tricks you need to know

Gmail tips and tricks you need to know. Don’t waste your time with the basics. This guide provides the most comprehensive collection of Gmail tips on the Internet. Use Gmail’s “Undo Send” Feature Gmail’s “Undo Send” feature is a life-saver. It allows you to cancel an email after you’ve hit the send button. To enable … Read more

How to setup Django with OpenLitespeed on Ubuntu 20.04

This tutorial will show you how to set up Django with OpenLiteSpeed on Ubuntu 20.04. We will assume that you have already installed OpenLiteSpeed and Python 3.8 on your server. If not, please refer to the OpenLiteSpeed installation guide and the Python installation guide. Create a Python virtual environment First, we will create a Python … Read more

How to Free Up Space on Ubuntu 20.04

Ubuntu is a great operating system, but one of the problems it has is that it uses lots of space. This tutorial will show you how to free up some space on Ubuntu 20.04 and make your computer run more smoothly. Remove Old Kernels (If No Longer Required) One of the easiest ways to free … Read more

Cpp STL Algorithms Cheat Sheet


The C++ Standard Template Library provides algorithms for functions that are commonly needed in everyday scenarios, and for commonly used containers. Now, I’m sure you’re a gr8 coder and all and could write your own functions, but you should probably use the Standard Library’s functions whenever possible. They’re very efficient, both memory and space-wise, especially … Read more

E-District Portal: Benefits and Services

The e-district portal is a website that provides information about the various services offered by the government. It also allows citizens to apply for these services online. The portal was launched in October 2016. The portal is currently available in English and Hindi. It will soon be launched in other languages as well. The portal … Read more

How to install WordPress on OpenLiteSpeed for free


Installing MariaDB server MariaDB is a popular open-source alternative to MySQL database and is conveniently available in the standard repositories. First, update the packages list on the server with the command below. sudo apt update Once the packages list has been updated, run the following command to install the MariaDB server and MariaDB client on … Read more

Install OpenLiteSpeed, MariaDB, PHP8.0 on Ubuntu 20.04

Step 1: Update Software Packages The following command should be run on your Ubuntu 20.04/18.04 OS before we install the LOMP stack. sudo apt update;sudo apt upgrade Step 2: Install OpenLiteSpeed Web Server Because OpenLiteSpeed is not part of the default Ubuntu software repository, we will have to install it from the upstream official repository. … Read more