How to read Business Insider’s Prime articles for free

Free access to Business Insider Premium 

Let’s find out how to read Business Insider Premium for free by using the following Five (5) methods. 

There will be nothing on Business Insider Premium homepage unless an ad-blocker message pops up: “Ad-blocking appears to be enabled”.

We’ll now look at how you can access Business Insider Premium content for free.

METHOD 1: Using Chrome Paywall Extension

1. Search for Chrome Paywall Extension.

2. If you want to read Business Insider Prime Articles then install that extension on your chrome browser.

3. Then Install that extension.

4. Unpack the file and extract it to a specific folder.

5. Turn On the Developer mode.

6. Packed the folder.

7. Read any Business Insider Prime article.

METHOD 2: Disable JavaScript Extensions

This method removes both ad-blocker detection and subscriber paywall. 

The two browser extensions are YesScript2 and ScriptBlock.

YesScript2 works for the Mozilla Firefox browser.

ScriptBlock is only for Google Chrome.

Firefox Browser

 This is what you do:

1. Install this free extension  YesScript2.

2. When you initially installed the extension or plugin, the icon at the address bar is a small GRAY color dot with y2 initial inside.

3. When you visit the Business Insider Premium homepage, it is blocked by its ad-blocker detection box.

4. The YesScript2 icon is still gray.  

5.  Click on it and it will change to RED color; means the JavaScript is turned OFF.

6. Now you can read all the articles you want without any blockage from its paywall.

For Google Chrome Browser

1. Install the free extension ScriptBlock.

2. If you just installed this free Chrome extension, you can see its GRAY color icon (closed tag symbol) on the address bar.

3. Once you click on the Business Insider Premium homepage, the ScriptBlock icon changes to GREEN color.

4. The homepage is blocked by the ad-blocker detection pop-up box.

5. Click on the GREEN color icon.

6. A context menu appears, click on “Block”.

7. The icon will change to RED color and the homepage is unblocked.

8. Now you can continue to click on any of the articles to read.

9. That’s it.

METHOD 3: Bypass Paywalls Firefox Extension

In this method, you install the free Bypass Paywalls Firefox extension to your browser.

This is the most popular free browser extension which can bypass many popular website paywall.

It can work for both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

I have recommended it in many of my past tutorials in this blog.

It unblocks both ad-blocker detection and paid-subscriber paywall.

Anyway, this is what you need to do:

1. Click here to get the free Bypass Paywalls Firefox extension.

2. A box pops up and instantly it will download straight to your browser.

3. You click on the blue color “Continue to Installation” button.

4. Then another box pops up and you click on the blue color “Add” button.

5. You will see this small Bypass Paywalls extension icon on the Firefox address bar. (as shown below)

6. That’s all you have to do.

7. After you have properly installed this extension, you can now read unlimited Business Insider Prime articles for free, without interruption by the subscription box anymore.

Note: This method also WORKS for Google Chrome.

METHOD 4: Archive.Today

This is also an easy way to bypass Business Insider Premium paywall.

You just need to wait for a while, for it to load and to archive the content.

Then you can read the full content, but the only setback is the video clips do not work.

This is all you need to do:

1. Go to Archive. Today.

2. Paste the article URL in the space provided under “My URL is alive and I want to archive its content.”

3. Next click the “save” button.

4. Then wait…

5. Once it has finished archiving, you can view the complete article.

6. That’s all.

METHOD 5: Firefox Temporary Containers Extension 

1. Installed this Firefox Temporary Containers extension.

2. After you have installed it, you can begin to read all the articles of Business Insider Premium, without being blocked by its paywall anymore.

3. Go to the Business Insider Premium homepage.

4. RIGHT CLICK on any of the article titles which you want to read.

5. A menu pops up next to the article title.

6. Click on “Open link in new Temporary Container tab”.

7. It will open a new tab with the article.

8. To read the next article, again you RIGHT CLICK on the article title.

9. Similarly, a menu pops up next to the article title.

10. Then click on “Open link in new Temporary Container tab”.

11. It opens a new tab with your new article.

12. To keep on reading other articles, you must RIGHT CLICK on the article titles.

13. Then you click on “Open link in new Temporary Container tab”.

Note: This Temporary Containers Extension CANNOT be installed to Chrome.

That’s all.

This is how you can read Business Insider Premium articles for free without being a subscriber.

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