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First, I would like to personally thank you for click on this article. I hope I​t will definitely help you! I will keep this article in a short and simple, step-by-step guide on how to start a blog? One special thing is you don’t need any previous experience to create a blog by your own this guide is for beginners in blogging.

In this article, I’m not going to write theory kind of stuff, like what is blogging Bla bla bla.

If you are on this page then you may definitely be knowing all about this. this article is mainly focussing on the practical aspect.

Let’s get started!

STEP 1: Choose a Best Profitable Niche


The first step when getting started with affiliate marketing is to settle on a distinct segment . When choosing your niche make sure it has a huge demand and high-profit margins. Also, your niche should be something that you are interested in or are passionate about. Many people make the mistake of choosing a niche just because of high-profit margins but they don’t personally enjoy it. Remember the goal here is to do what you love and to also make money while doing it.

STEP 2: Choose Best Suitable blog name

Choosing the best suitable domain name is not a big deal for bloggers. If you decided your domain name so you can skip this part. If you haven’t chosen your domain name till now – When I was started my blogging journey, I don’t know how to choose a premium domain for my blog, and that’s why I wasted 10+ domains randomly. Make sure, that you don’t make a mistake like me? If Yes! Here are four tips which help you to find the best suitable name for your dream domain

  • Keep it Short & Simple
  • Use Keyword
  • Don’t Use Numbers
  • Always Use TLD Extension

Create your Web Presence with Namecheap

Note: Which blogging platform should you choose There are multiple ways to create a blog

  1. Free Source
  2. Paid Source

If you are a beginner you can try out with free sources until you get some grip in blogging. here I’m going to mention some links you can checkout

If you are a pro blogger and if you want to earn some money from your content, I strongly recommended you go with WordPress.


Because in free platforms, you get everything to customize your blog, but WordPress gives you the freedom to customize your blog as you want. In WordPress, you have many plugins and themes by which you can use to make your blog Pro and better than before. So I think you can get an idea of why WordPress is good, Let’s dive in and let me tell you to steps create your blog.

STEP 3: Get Your Blog Online

To get your blog up and running you need to have a cloud service to serve the content to users.

A Cloud hosting provider stores all of the blog related files and delivers them to the user when they type in your blog URL on the search engine.

In order to get your blog online, There are multiple companies providing hosting services with bunch of features.

Some of the Popular Hosting Providers listed below You can choose any:

bluehost logoBluehost is one of the largest hosting services powering millions of sites.Visit
dreamhost logoDreamHost is the best monthly shared hosting provider in the industry.Visit
Site Ground is the best hosting provider for small business. Click here to get 60% OFF on all hosting plans from SiteGroundVisit
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I strongly recommend you to, go with BlueHost. I personally use BlueHost and I recommend them for all new bloggers because:

Key features

  • One-click install for WordPress

  • FREE domain and site builder

  • SSL certificate

  • Unlimited disk space

  • They offer free, simple installation of the WordPress blogging software.

  • They have helpful 24/7 customer service via phone or webchat.

  • They have a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied for any reason.

Click here for BlueHost and then click “get started now”.

Select your plan. I recommend that new bloggers get the basic plan. Click “Select” to choose your plan.

#3 Type in your domain name in the left box and then click “next” to start the registration process.

Fill out your billing details on the registration page.

You will also need to choose your hosting package and options.

All packages have everything you need to get your blog up and running, including a free domain name, easy WordPress blog installation, web hosting, and branded email accounts (e.g. [email protected]).
The 36-month package gets you the lowest monthly rate, while the 12-month package has a lower up-front cost.
You can uncheck the boxes next to the other products when I sign-up. If you want then you can always get these products later.
You will then need to create your account and password.

Once you do that you will be taken to an installation helper. Since you are following this tutorial you can just click “Skip this step” on the next few pages to be taken directly to the dashboard.

Now WordPress will be installed. Once the install is complete click the blue “WordPress” button to be logged in to the administrator area of your blog.

STEP 4: Customize your blog

Once you installed WordPress on Bluehost, You will have to make some changes on Dashboard, Inside the WordPress dashboard, you will have to apply a few changes and add some content to make it look great.

You can access the WordPress dashboard from your Bluehost account by clicking the blue “WordPress” button in the top right corner of your screen.

Select a theme and design your blog

In any blog or website, the front end-user experience is a top priority, so that your first impression can your user into a profitable business.

Installing and setting up a new WordPress theme is exciting and fairly straightforward.

This can be achieved by installing the best suitable theme for your blog, under the “Appearance” tab, click “Themes”. You will be presented with some popular options. You can click on the WordPress.org Themes button and search for free themes. There are more than three thousand themes available on WordPress.org

I strongly recommend you to install the theme called Astra (FREE)

bluehost logoAstra Super Fast Performance Astra is made for speed. It is the most lightweight theme available in the marketVisit

STEP 5: Start Making Money

making money online is an art, In this pandemic situation there is no guarantee that your job may not be served longer, be your own boss, and live a life with freedom.

  • What is Affiliate Marketing?
  • Choose a high profitable niche
  • Choose the Best product to promote
  • Choose a traffic source/platform
  • Add value & build your brand
  • Build an automated sales funnel

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing basically means: You promote a product/service using your own unique affiliate link and whenever a sale is made via that link you will get a commission for each sale.

I recommend you to through 5 Steps To Making Money With You Affiliate Marketing

Why Affiliate Marketing?

  • Easy to get started
  • Turn your hobby/passion into a business
  • No experience required
  • You don’t need to have your own product
  • Online passive income
  • Highly scalable

Congratulations You got this These are The 5 Steps To Start a blog and making money from that blog