How to install aaPanel on Forever Free ARM-based Instance

AaPanel is an open-source web hosting control panel to manage hosting services such as databases, websites, and more. It is similar to Webmin and CyberPanel. In this article we’ll learn how to install and configure aaPanel using a free Oracle 24GB ARM-based Ampere Instance

A web-based graphical control panel, it is easily accessed from any computer, local or remote, similar to the popular Cpanel. aaPanel has fewer features than WHM, yet it can operate and manage everything a web server needs. It is now very simple to set up and run a website with aaPanel. It takes only one click to install LANMP/LAMP (Linux, Apache/Nginx, MySQL, PHP) for testing or developing web apps.

Through aaPanel, users will no longer have to run multiple commands for creating databases, managing Docker, web servers, FTPs, and Pythons. They can easily manage all of these operations with just a few clicks of the mouse.  This tutorial will guide you through the installation of aaPanel on CentOS using a local or remote command terminal.

Recommended Linux distro for Oracle 24GB ARM-based Ampere Instance is Oracle Linux 8

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Following are the steps that will help you install the free and open-source web control panel on CentOS. The steps will be the same for Debian or Ubuntu servers and desktops.

Step 1: Connect to Your Server

Log in to your Oracle Linux 8 VPS via SSH as the root user (or as the user with root privileges):

ssh -i ssh-key-XXX.key root@IP_Address

Of course, you will need to replace “IP_Address” with your actual server IP address and SSH port number.

Once logged in, make sure that your server is up-to-date by running the following commands:

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

Step 2: Install Wget

It’s possible to use curl, but in this case, we’d like to use wget, so we must install that first.

sudo yum install wget

Step 3: Download the installation script of aaPanel

You now need to use wget with the latest script to install aaPanel.

For Oracle Linux 8, CentOS or Redhat 7 0r 8 Linux

wget -O

For Debian or Ubuntu Linux

wget -O

Step 4: Run script of aaPanel Linux web control panel

Now, we have the script on our system. It’s time to run. Type:


When it says do you want to install aaPanel to /www directory now. Type Y and press the Enter button.

Step 5: Login page aaPanel web control panel

After the installation completes, you will get a login link: localhost:8888/some-numbers. Also, the username and password will be there to use, to get into the control panel.

Step 6: Install software packages for aaPanel Linux

If you are setting up aaPanel for the first time, the website will ask whether you want to install LNMP or LAMP, select the button and install your chosen web hosting environment. On the other hand, we can install them later from the apps section of this Linux panel.

You need to wait for 30 to 45 minutes for successful installation

Congratulations! aaPanel has been successfully installed on your server. You can now start deploying multiple applications.

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