I use my macbook day to day basis for my work, video editing, and freelancing stuff. one day suddenly my mac is not booting up, I’m shocked!. then i started searching on google to fix macbook won’t turn on issue because it has no waranty.


After the long reaserch, finally i got the solution for my macbook Air, that i want to share with you.

I hope this solution may work for you as well.

Before your start the process i strongly recommend you to go through macworld article might this helps to fix the issue, it depends on your problem.

And also check out https://support.apple.com/en-in/HT204267

Solution for macbook-won’t-turn-on

STEP 1: To fix this issue you need to remove backpanal from device

STEP 2: Hold the power switch for atleast 10 seconds

STEP 3: Reamove the batary connector from Motherboard

STEP 4: Plug the charging cable into mac

Your Mac will turned on..!

STEP 5: Immediately unplug the charging connector

STEP 6: Reconnect the batary connector into Matherboard

Your Mac will turned on again ..!

STEP 7: Close the Mac in sleep mode (without shutdown)

STEP 8: fix the back panal..

You are Done!

You can watch the video for better clarity..