How to Build Your Own Discord Bots For Free in 5 Minutes

November 20, 2022 ・0 comments

Think Discord is just a chat app? Think again! With these amazing tools and tutorials, you'll be able to build bots for your Discord server in 5 minutes! It doesn't matter if you've never coded before, now there's no excuse for not having a fully automated and customized Discord server.


from flask import Flask

from threading import Thread

app = Flask('')


def home():

    return "Hello. I am alive!"

def run():'',port=8080)

def keep_alive():

    t = Thread(target=run)


Verify URL -[Client ID]&permissions=[Permission Integer]&scope=bot


import discord

import os

from keep_alive import keep_alive

client = discord.Client()


async def on_ready():

    print('We have logged in as {0.user}'.format(client))


async def on_message(message):

    if == client.user:


    if message.content.startswith('ping'):



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