How to Install Arduino IDE 2.0(AppImage) on Ubuntu 22.04

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In his article we will discuss how to install Arduino IDE 2.0 AppImage Ubuntu 22.04. The following has been performed with the following versions:

    • Ubuntu 22.04 64bits

    • Arduino IDE 2.0.3

Note that you can install the Arduino IDE from Ubuntu Software, but this is not the last version (1.8.19 while the last version is 2.0.3). Arduino IDE can also be installed with the AppImage, but its integration in Ubuntu is not nice. For example, adding the app in your launcher is not easy.


First, download the AppImage file from the Arduino official website.

arduino IDE 2.0.3 AppImage

Install files

Open a terminal in the folder where the AppImage file has been download. change the file permission with following command:

cd Downloads
chmod +x arduino-ide_2.0.3_Linux_64bit.AppImage

Then Extract the file with the following command:

./arduino-ide_2.0.3_Linux_64bit.AppImage --appimage-extract

Create a folder in home

mkdir ~/arduino

copy and rename the extracted above AppImage files to arduino directory

cp -r squashfs-root/* ~/arduino/

Launch IDE

Go to the installation folder:

cd ~/arduino

Launch the Arduino IDE with the following command:


The IDE should open.

arduino IDE 2.0.3

Create the app desktop shortcut

To add the Arduino IDE to the launcher, create a new file arduino.desktop in the folder ~/.local/share/applications.

cd ~/.local/share/applications
sudo vi arduino.desktop

Paste the following command and change Exec and Icon path according to your folder path structure.

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Arduino IDE 2.0
Comment=The Arduino Software IDE
arduino IDE 2.0.3 Launcher

Happy Coding :)

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